The screen printing darkroom can be complicated. Figuring out how to coat screens, dialing in exposure times, reclaiming stubborn screens — it’s a lot to handle. 

It gets especially complicated with emulsion. With brands offering 10+ emulsions, how does a printer know which one will work best for them? Wasting money and time to find the right product won’t cut it.

Baselayr simplifies emulsion. The brand offers three, high solids, high performing emulsions. Screen printers can decide what they need in an instant. Each emulsion is designed for a specific printer in mind. New printers and darkroom novices will benefit from Long Lasting Emulsion. Established screen printers using only plastisol inks will want Plastisol Emulsion. Automatic or high production shops will love Complete Emulsion. Printers can rely on Baselayr in every darkroom.

While each emulsion suits a specific printer, the products provide professional results every time. Screens expose faster, details rinse out quickly, and screens reclaim easily. When correctly dried and exposed, stencils will maintain detail on all runs. Plastisol, water-based, discharge, solvent-based, and UV inks — Baselayr emulsions will perform for all.

Printers who want the option to enhance their stencils even more can do so with Baselayr Emulsion Prep, Emulsion Hardener, and Diazo. The chemicals will improve mesh adhesion, strengthen stencil durability, and capture finer details.

There’s more to come. Soon, the Baselayr line will offer equipment like LED exposure units. The brand will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of screen printers.

Great prints come from great screens. Elevate your darkroom with Baselayr — emulsion made simple.