Baselayr Emulsions
As a distributor, you want to provide the best products to your customers. You want your offerings to be the solution for your customers’ needs. You partner with companies that care about what they produce, value relationships, and maintain connection. Supplying Baselayr will uphold your standards and improve your customers’ screen printing experience.
Baselayr provides three, high solids, high performance emulsions. With only three different emulsions to choose from, printers can easily select the product that’ll best fit in their shop. Baselayr makes emulsion simple. Your customers will experience faster exposure times and high resolution. They’ll watch images rinse out effortlessly and screens reclaim painlessly. Between the three emulsions, they’ll cover all ink types while maintaining details during print production. Screen printers can rely on Baselayr emulsion.
Sometimes, printers want their screens to go above and beyond their needs. Products like Baselayr Emulsion Prep, Emulsion Hardener, and Diazo will enhance the emulsions’ capabilities. The emulsions and supporting chemicals will create stellar stencils, leading to stellar prints.
From hobby printers to shops running automatics, Baselayr emulsions will perform in every darkroom. Investing in Baselayr means you’ll deliver products that can help printers at every level. 
Everything starts and ends in the darkroom. Equip your clients with an emulsion they can rely on. If you’re interested in supplying Baselayr products, please reach out to us by emailing contact@baselayr.com