Baselayr V2331 LED Exposure Unit - 23x31in |
Baselayr V2331 LED Exposure Unit - 23x31in |
Baselayr V2331 LED Exposure Unit - 23x31in |
Baselayr V2331 LED Exposure Unit - 23x31in |

Baselayr V2331 LED Exposure Unit - 23x31in

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    You demand excellence from your screen printing supplies and equipment. To burn screens with confidence, you need an exposure unit with LED bulbs and a vacuum. The V-Series LED Exposure Units deliver consistent, detailed exposures faster than ever, with less ongoing costs.

    The purpose of the vacuum is to create the tightest positive contact between the glass, film, and emulsion. Having tight, strong contact to the point where the black ink on the film is firmly against the emulsion means that light has difficulty wrapping around the film. The end result — a straight, clean burn with sharp edges. Vacuum units provide a superior tool for creating detailed image resolution. 

    The V2331 uses custom, high output LED bulbs manufactured for exposure units. The LED bulbs output an optimal UV wavelength, which can be used on all types of emulsion. Printers can rest assured that the LED bulbs will last more than 10,000 hours, which is better for the printer and the environment. 

    The optically clear, tempered glass in the V-Series allows more than 99% of the UV light through without disruption to the wavelength. The unit also features two, light-safe, T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, doubling the use of the exposure unit as a screen inspection table. The V-Series are designed to perform.

    Everything starts and ends in the darkroom. Build a solid foundation from the screen up with the V2331 today.

    • Vacuum lid creates the tightest positive contact between the glass, film, and emulsion to produce stencils with clean, sharp edges
    • LED light sources exposes screens quickly; enhances the amount/levels of possible details captured; and creates a harder, more durable stencil
    • LED bulbs consume less energy and last more than 10,000 hours, so you don’t have to replace them as often
    • LED 405nm bulb technology
    • Digital timer for accuracy
    • Sturdy powder coated steel construction
    • EC power cord with easy access to an on/off switch
    • Flexible and durable rubber vacuum blanket
    • Heavy-duty gas shocks
    • Adjustable vacuum lid clamps
    • Optically clear, strong tempered glass
    • Two, light-safe T8 LED amber inspection bulbs
    • Oil-free vacuum pump
    • Includes nylon rope to allow air movement between the blanket and frame
    • Three-year limited warranty (please refer to the manual for more details)
    • Made in USA
      • Pre-Registration Template Transparency ($99.99 value)

      • 21 Step Exposure Calculator ($19.99 value)

      • Unit dimensions: 44"(L) x 32"(W) x 10"(H)
      • Optical clear, tempered glass: 31" x 38"
      • Max frame size OD: 23" x 31"
      • 8 UV T8 LED 405nm tube bulbs designed for screen exposure
      • Two, light-safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs with dedicated on/off switch
      • UV wattage: 320 watts
      • Voltage: 115v
      • Standard 110v 3-prong plug
      • Timer: Digital (1/10 sec. increments)
      • Control Panel and timer
      • Time adjustment
      • Timer on/off
      • Vacuum blanket on/off
      • Shipping dimensions: 40"(W) x 50"(L) x 12"(H)
      • Ship Weight: 150 lbs